Monday, September 29, 2008

cRaZy week

Let me just say going from having two kids that are one and two every day to three kids that age is very different. I exhausted the word NO last week. Our friend's babysitter had a family member die so Thomas hung out with us for the week. Jayce really insisted on showing off for him and constantly was pushing limits. But overall it went great. They all napped (shorter than usual) but they napped. They for the most part got along. We played outside and they stayed on the deck! NO escapees, which is always good. I also found a few new settings on my camera and so I had to try those out. Well I am off to a much calmer week. thank goodness!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We walk to remember...

Our angel Charlotte Jo. On Sunday we walked in Ames at the Walk to Remember. It was put on by the Compassionate friends which is a group of people who have lost children at any age. Annie made a new shirt for us and they turned out great. there will be another walk at Mercy in October.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Dress Up

Yesterday I decided to dress Ellie inher tutu that Sandy made her for her birthdya. Jayce wanted to wear it to, but I figured I would break out the Blues Clues costume for him to try on. They had fun and I promised we could do it again sometime!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Weekend

Madrid celebrated its 125th birthday at the annual Labor Day celebration. We enjoyed in the festivites throughout the weekend and Ellie has never slept so good. So much fressh air and dancing makes a tired girl!

Friday night was Madrid's first football game. Of course we had to go cheer on the Tigers and Louie & Toby. Of course we had to dress Ellie up in Tiger gear. She looked so cute! We won 60-0! Louie and Toby both had a great game. Louie had 89 yards and three touchdowns and ONLY played the first half!

Saturday we entered Ellie in the cutest baby contest, although she did not win. We think she looked adorable as always! The also judged on personality and Ellie is a mommy's girl and buried her head in my leg. Oh well we know she is cute!

Sunday we watched Devin and Cayden in the KC punt pass and kick competition (devin won the gold medal for his grade level) we went back late that night and listened to the band and watched fireworks. Ellie of course loved the music and gave us some good excercise as we chased her around and around!

Today we went to the parade. She LOVED it! She never was scared of the loud sirens or anythings. She waved to the people int he parade and we ended up with a ton of candy. She opened three suckers when we were not looking and ate them. What a little stinker!