Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Lenten Plan

I will be the first to admit it but my house is a constant mess. there are of course toys scattered throughout, but it is more than that. I hate cleaning, I mean HATE cleaning. In todays economy we have learned that we need to appreciate what we do have and try not to focus on what we don't have. With this I have decided to appreciate the things I do have and to take better care of them starting with my house.
For Lent this year instead of giving something up I have decided to appreciate the things and people I do have in my life and try to make the best of what money we do have instead of the money we don't. I am going to try to make sure the sink is empty and the dishwasher ran every night, The living room cleaned and vacuumed daily, and to make our bed and pick up the dirty clothes every day. The toy room will be deep cleaned weekly (too scary to do it daily!)

I figured if I posted it on my blog I would be more accountable for it so no need to respond, I just need to someone to help me be accountable :)

it's a.............

surprise still! We went to our Big Ultrasound yesterday morning and the us tech was great at not slipping (although Jess swears she slipped once and said he, I however did not hear it!). she knew we did not want to know so she said only she knows and did not even put it on my chart that way no one can slip up either! I am so excited that come July that Jess will be able to share that big news! How special it will be!

the baby was growing perfectly and was measuring to the due date. The head seemed smaller than ellies did at that point but the tecch looked at ellies and said they were measuring identical and that at my 35 week us with ellie her head was measuring 3 weeks ahead! So I am not out of the woods for another big headed baby. Stupid but I worry about this! LOL. the baby was 10 oz and 8 in long. He/She loved having their arm up by their head and several times we saw the hand move and we could count each finger. it was so neat and so amazing how perfect they are yet so small. I am almost halfway done and it seems to just be flying by!

we have pics but Jess has not hooked up our scanner nor has he reloaded it on our desktop so I might take a pic of the pics later but until then I wont be able to share :(

One last thing is we got a dvd of the us and in great fashion the tech did not record the parts from the beginning where it could have been investigated to see the sex. Much to my moms dismay there is not one screen that shows a shot where you could tell!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just some recent pics of us!

Not a whole lot to blog about so I thought I would share some pics. We had a beautiful tuesday last week and we were finally able to soak up the sunshine on the deck. Ellie and Jayce loved it. I had been wanting to get some good pics and the sunlight it what I needed. here are a few pics

this one was actually taken a few weeks ago. she is wearing daddy's new hat and loved it!

Maggie was chasing her across the deck

I cant believe how big she is getting

She thought she was big sitting and "stealing" mommy's chair

I love this one. Her hair looks so long and super thick. and no we did not cut her hair the shorter hair is just new hair. I am too scared to cut it!