Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deal's Orchard

My friends Lindsey Lana, and Susan decided to have a girl's day with the kids. We packed into the cars and headed to Deal's Orchard in Jefferson. Although it was kind of windy we had fun.

we found these bean bag toss pumpkins but the girls decided to put their faces in the holes. It was very cute!
Ellie loved the wiggle cars. She hopped right on and ran it like she had been driving for years. She also talked about how she ccan drive now for a long time after.

We also stopped at the corn box to play and like her mom she was a bit skeptical. She didnt want to step and sit in that corn. I do not blame her at all. the thought of touching it made me queazy. She eventually did get in but it was not really her favorite of the day!

We went on a hay rack ride and poor Hadley was in the moby wrap and there was no getting around the sun in her eyes. I took this picture by holding in front of me and I laughed when I saw the outcome. Look at those cheeks! Also note the slobber all over her face. She is like this ALL the time! We think she is working on some teeth but we really dont know because Ellie was never this way and she never got a single tooth until she was almost 15 months old!

On the hay rack ride. Ellie was a little nervous (surprise surprise) so she hopped on Lindsey's lap. the other girls had a blast and were fearless. Could Ellie really be any more like her mommy? LOL

The girls hanging out in the teepee. Note ellies hands. This has got to be genetic thing in our family. Bring on excitement or nervousness and the hands go right to the chin. My cousin annie still does this and so we all laughed when I captured the moment on camera!
All in all it was a great day and we hope to do it again next year!

pumpkin picking

Jayce, Jess, and Ellie going to look at the horses. I thought it was cute.

and this is how Hadley spent her first year picking pumpkins :) It was cold enough to bring out the snowsuit!

Abbie was helping ellie and she insisted on carrying the pumpkin. Abbie is still talking about how strong ellie is :)

Wow I need to get caught up.

This year my cousin Abbie called and told us her grandpa in law grew pumpkins in his garden and he wanted all the kids to come get their choice of pumpkins. so we bundled up in the 40 degree weather and went to pick our pumpkins. Ellie insisted on carrying her own pumpkin. Jess also had the camera so a lot of pictures were not good cause he captured too many of this mommy in sweats and a hoodie :)