Tuesday, January 27, 2009

those with kids please tell me it gets better?!

First off I do not starve my child. She weighed in at 29.2 lbs yesterday! Here lately all she wants to do is eat eat eat! When I start cooking lunch or dinner she cries from the moment I start it til we set the plate in front of her. All the while screaming SSSSSNNNNNAAACCCKKKK!
I am at my wits end. there is absolutely no way she is that starving. She gets up about 7am and eats breakfast. 9am eats a snack with water, 11:15 lunch with milk, 2pm another snack with water, and I start dinner at five pm mostly done by 5:30pm or a little later and then you guessed it another snack at bedtime. she gets way enough food and is a very good eater but this in between meals and snacks is killing me and our pantry!
Please PLEASE tell me it gets better!! I want my patient child back!

Guessing Game

This was fun when we had Ellie and I thought we would do it again. Guess the stats of when the baby will be born. This time it will be harder since the gender will not be known til July when he/she gets here!

Few stats about ellie if you think that will help. Ellie was born 2 weeks early at 650 am weighing in at 7lbs 6 oz and was 20 in

with this pregnancy I am measuring to be due July 19 and things are going well.

Good Luck!

Here is the link to our game. Feel free to share with those I do not have emails for. the more the merrier!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can we say BRRRRR!

Ok Honestly why do I live here? I know I have already vented about this but come on! I am so ready for spring! It hit well below 0 with windchills of up to -40 in some parts of the state. Be thankful today if you are in warmer temps. I have not left my house in two days and I am praying they have school tomorrow. I do not think I can handle any more days with the kids here. They have been good but I just need normalcy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I would love to show you some pics of our new years eve but it was pretty uneventful. We hung out at our friends house. Since Lisa and I are both pregnant there was no drinking or partying. We watched a movie exchanged gifts and watched the kids play. We all were fighting sleep at 10, but us adults stayed up til midnight and rang in the new year. Jess keeps talking about our wild adventure and how we are party animals and we just laugh because we would have happily been in bed by 10.

The new year has been pretty uneventful. Due to the crazy fun icy weather we have mostly stayed home and just hung out. We have watched movies galore and watched Ellie totally destroy the living room in 10 seconds. Christmas really caused a toy explosion in our house and I desperately need to go through the toys again and pack some away.

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound for the tech to practice a new test they can do. It should be fun being the practice patient. I am thinking that she will spend lots of time looking at our baby and taking lots of measurements. I am so excited, yet sad because Jess has a class and will miss this ultrasound too. Luckily I am going to record it and he can watch it when he gets home.