Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thankful 23

Today I am thankful for Jess and the 11! years we have been together :) I look back and the good times have far wout weighed the bad. We have grown up, together and even more in love. With failing relationships all around it makes me even more thankful to be so in love with him. What started as a cheerleader wearing a jersey to the championship game has become one great life that I am forever greatful for. From all the trials and tribulations we have been through we have held hands and prayed for hope. Our daughters are proof we can make it through. Eleven years is great but I look forward to the next 111 by his side.

Thankful 17

17 I am thankful for 2 of the best gifts God has ever given me. Honestly I dont think we could have been any luckier. We were given two beautiful intelligent beings to shape and mold to be images of God.

Ellie is so adorable and uses the best manners. She is kind and caring and loves to help do everything but clean :) She is a mommys girl and if I leave for two minutes when I walk in the door she tells me how much she missed me. She is as smart as she is cute. Right now we are working on reading. She knows all of her letters/ and sounds so we decided why not jump into reading. My aunt Kelly gave us some books that she has memorized but since as she reads she points to the word she is reading she is picking up on words like the, I , a, and etc. Ellie overall is more than I ever wanted in a daughter. I remember thinking right after she was born how no two people in this world could ever make another Ellie. I still look at her and think the same thing. Amazing!
And my Hadley. If I had to describe her in two words it would be Daddys Girl. She loves me too but when she sees her dad her eyes light up and she takes off for him. I actually love that about her because we have the same taste. im head over heels for her dad too :) She loves LOVES babies. Luckily we have a lot of them here so she gets her fill. She also is one smart cookie although she doesnt talk much (maybe because her sister never takes a breath). You can ask her to go get anything and she goes and grabs it and brigns it to you. She loves dogs (like me) and gives the best hugs in the world. Jess and I were so lucky to be twice blessed.

I chose to share this thankful on day 17 because that is their birthdate and I am not sure it could be any more special than that!

Thankful continued

15- I am thankful for being so close to most of my family. I can count the number of times I have ever had someone watch the girls that was not a part of my family (or Lindsey). I love seeing my girls love them as much as I do!

16- I am thankful for my inlaws. No matter the differences we might have they love me as if I was their daughter and they raised the most wonderful husband. They love my girls and are patient when the girls dont warm up right away.

17- See next post

18- I am thankful for football. Once again, I know pathetic, but it is so much a part of our lives that I honestly dont know what we would do without it. (NO Blaze readers that does not mean Jess is playing next year! He can be a fan :) )

19- I am thankful for fall. The weather has been beautiful and watching the change of seasons is one of my favorite things. I welcome it each year and the jeans and hoodie weather is the best. And when I have to say goodbye and wear my winter coat and hats and mittens I know that it will be back next year :)

20-I am thankful for my education. I dont think you appreciate all the teachers you had until you grow up and are trying to teach your children. They put so much love into what they do and I am thankful that they cared enough to give me an education I am proud of.

21- I am thankful for my grandparents who are still alive. and I am thankful for each new day I get to spend with them. I know we do not see you enough and we need to make them a priority because you just cant get those days back!

22-I am thankful for choclate because some days it just makes me feel so much better :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts on raising kids

I have been thinking a lot lately on how I want to raise my kids. there are things Jess and I know we want to do and things we know we dont want to do. But some things have been coming up that have really got me thinking.

First ever since Ellie did the trike a thon I have been thinking that we need to find more ways to help others around us. I want her to grow up not only knowing it is our duty as Christians to help those in need but to actually have experience doing it. I want it to come naturally to her and not to ever feel like it is a chore to be done.

Secondly I want her to help on her own accord. I recently put together a lesson on Advent for our kids at church and found some great articles on having kids help those in need. Among the great ideas I read that it is important to teach kids that although it is great for parents to take their kids shopping to buy that toys for tots, it would mean even more if the kids had to use thier own money. Sacraficing for others is not always an easy accompl;ishment especially to kids but if you really think about it what a great lesson on teaching them to share with others what they themselves have.

So here is my plan for this holiday season:
Get Chris's address in Afghanistan and take Ellie shopping and use ten dollars of her money as well as some money of ours and buy goodies for his unit. Lesson I am hoping to teach that their are people (like uncle Chris) who are overseas who are helping to keep America free so we may do what we want here. Yes I know she is three but she will get it. she still talks about the helicopters we saw flying over our house as they were leaving for war.

Take her shopping to pick out a toy for toys for tots. Lesson- There are lots of little girls and boys who dont get Toys for christmas and we can help them so they can have something to open on Christmas too.

Make ornaments for the priests in our life. for father Brian who married us and baptized Ellie, For Fr. Tim who baptized Hadley, and for our new Priest Fr Jim. Lesson- to be thankful for them in sharing our faith and to let them know we appreciate what they have done for our family

And an idea a parent from church gave me that I just love. she makes/buys small ornaments and wraps them and puts them in her purse. When they see a salvation army bell ringer not only do they drop change in the bucket she hands them a small ornament thanking them for the time they have given to help spread the Christmas message of love. Lesson- Both of us will learn to take the time to appreciate the little things people do that almost always get overlooked. LOVE IT!

Any other ideas you have? I would love to hear them :)

Thankful Part 2


4- I am thankful for my sister Sadie. On this day 15? or so years ago she was in a very bad car accident and I am very thankful to have her still here today. Although we fought and fought when we were younger she is one of my best friends today. I know she loves me unconditionally and that no matter what she would have my back.

5- I am thankful for my sister Maggie. After years of sharing a room together the age gap has lessened and she is another great friend. She has been through a lot in her life and she had rose above some really crappy things. Life isnt fair and although it is a hard pill to swallow she survived the unthinkable, losing a child, at just 17. Shes not only my sister and friend but a hero as well.

6- I am thankful for my brother Drew. Take my personality and flip it around and you have Drew. Although at times we are so different that is what I love the most about him. He can let those little things go and not think of every possible negative thing that could happen. This is a trait I long to have. And he also loves unconditionally. When he gives you a hug you can feel the love behind it. He will always be my Drew Boo

7-And to finish off my sibling I am thankful for Louie. I have always felt a bond with Louie from the time he was little. I am so proud of the person he has become. Even beyond the talent he posseses he ahs the truest kindest heart. He is a great role model for any young man and I am proud to share that he is my brother. He will make something big of himself. He cares deeply for others and puts his heart into everything he does. I hope my kids learn this from him, heck I hope I learn this from him!

8- I am thankful for my mom. I mean heck she raised five FIVE! outstanding citizens basically all on her own. She loved each one of us and found a way to connect with each one of us differently. Each one of us five are so different, but she found a way. You know she did a great job though when adult children come together and all get along, do stuff for each other, and talk on a regular basis. I have found that is not a trait very common in todays society.

9- I am thankful for my dad because without him I would not be here. I may not be as close to him as I am to my mom but I have never felt like he didnt love me. I never felt like he was not proud of who I have become.

10- I am thankful for a roof over my head and food to eat. Although i am ready to move and want a bigger house. We actually do fit in our house and wants arent always needs.

11- I am thankful for the nieces and nephews I have in my life. I can honestly say I love them as if they were my own children. As the years go by and the accomplishments they are starting to build up grow, I find myslef sharing stories of them with others as if they were mine. I love you Devin, Cayden, Jayce, Charlotte, Corbin, & Jaelyn!

12- I am thankful for my cousins. Who knew it would be so much fun growing up AND old with some of the best people in the world!

13- I am thankful for babyzone. Although I dont get on much now, I have made close friends with ladies all over the US. What started off with a common due date has grown into lifelong friendships. I have now in person met 2 of the ladies and I am hoping to meet many more! (one already scheduled in Feb!)

14- I am thankful for tv. I know I know lame, but besides books, it is my favorite way to chill out. and for a sick mommy who doesnt feel good and doesnt want to be a jungle gym it is the best :) ( I know I am pathetic)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful in November!

On facebook many people are doing a status a day of what they are thankful for. I decided I wanted to do it in my blog. I probably wont blog everyday but at the end of the month I hope to have 30 things I am thankful for. Living the life I do I know that wont be a problem.

Nov. 1- I am thankful for my God. With him all things are possible and he is good all the time. My faith is so much of who I am that I am very thankful that I hold a place in my life for him.

Nov. 2- On Nov 2 (my grandma Charlotte's Birthday) I am thankful for my loved ones who are now gone. I hold memories of each of them and love telling stories of the fun times we shared.

Nov. 3- I am thankful for my freedom and for the soldiers who fight to maintain that freedom!