Sunday, May 4, 2008

Time flys

I can't believe it has been over 9 months since she entered our lives. Time flys by so fast. It seems that we are always saying rememebr when she could only...?, remember when she would just lay there?, etc. As each day goes by I am happy for the new day and the new challenges that lie within the day, i am excited for the days to come and the fun they will bring, but I am also sad for the days already had.
I think back to all the things she has done for the first time and smile becasue I am so proud of her accomplishments that we now just take for granted. I rememberr when my nephew Cayden made her smile for the very first tiem by hitting himself, that still makes her laugh :) I remember when she was sitting by herself for 30 seconds at a time and now she never just sits! She is on the move ALL the time. She crawls everywhere and if we don't put the gate up she will follow mommy all over the house. She also loves to pull to stand. She loves her walking toys and they are used ALL the time. We have to have two though because Jayce decides when Ellie is playing with them that he needs to do it too! The funniest moment lately is when Jess will start barking at her and she rushes crawling over to her tent and hurries to stand and then looks back and laughs. It is a giggle that is just so contagious. We all end up laughing non stop.

Another big change is the toys! We have always had plenty of toys butnow the little stinker will go from one to the next dumping them everywhere and within 10 minutes the toranado has hit! I thought that was more of a toddler thing, but Ellie has it down perfectly!

We have learned to live each day in the day and to cherish the moments we have for we can never get that day back. But there are so many days that lie ahead and we anticipate the fun that is yet to come!

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