Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have not posted in awhile. We have been battling diarreha with Ellie for over 2 weeks. She is now better. She had an infection in her colon due to the antibiotic she takes for her kidneys. One thing after another! Well we are better and we are drinking milk again with success!
The past two days have been exciting for us. Jayce is potty training and is now interested mroe in going in the big potty (toilet) over the potty chair so when we go in to potty ellie has decided she wants to sitr on the little potty. After a few days of just letting her sit I decided to take her diaper of and let her try it. To our suprise She went! I know it was a fluke and all but still bery excting! She now trys taking her diaper off everytime we go in the bathroom to sit on the potty. I am just going to follow her lead and let her do it. I wasnt planning on even introducing the potty til January but if she is interested we are going for it!
The other thing she did was growl like a tiger. Jayce and I were growling like tigers a feww days ago and Ellie thought it was so funny! the next day I asked Jayce what a tiger says and Ellie growled! It was just so cute and she does it consistently. I caught a video of it today. Of course when I get teh camera out she does not look at me. IT still is cute though!

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