Thursday, November 5, 2009

pumpkin picking

Jayce, Jess, and Ellie going to look at the horses. I thought it was cute.

and this is how Hadley spent her first year picking pumpkins :) It was cold enough to bring out the snowsuit!

Abbie was helping ellie and she insisted on carrying the pumpkin. Abbie is still talking about how strong ellie is :)

Wow I need to get caught up.

This year my cousin Abbie called and told us her grandpa in law grew pumpkins in his garden and he wanted all the kids to come get their choice of pumpkins. so we bundled up in the 40 degree weather and went to pick our pumpkins. Ellie insisted on carrying her own pumpkin. Jess also had the camera so a lot of pictures were not good cause he captured too many of this mommy in sweats and a hoodie :)

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