Saturday, June 5, 2010

summer of swag!

I know I have shared about swagbucks before but I am goign to urge all of you to really look into it. It is awesome! I have earned $100 in amazon gift cards in less than 6 months! How did I do this you ask?
well I signed up free of charge to a wonderful website called and use theri search engine to go to my everyday sites that I visit frequently and also for anything I want to search. So my facebook, gmail, farmville, aol, blogger, etc. addiction has earned me swagbucks with winning on random searches. They also randomly offer codes that you search for and you can grab those to make your swagbucks jump even higher! As your sb (swagbucks) add up you can shop in the swagstore to redeem for great prizes, $5 amazon gift cards is my prize of choice. I really wanted a Kindle but it is just not attainable in our budget but swagbucks has made me almost enough to get one!

On Monday they are kicking off the Summer of Swag! They are going to have a five code day of extravaganza! What a fun way to make your sb jump super fast! Also they are going to offer a new high end bill ever day next week. Every 7th person will win that big bill so your chancves of winning big are increased!

Once you have an account you will love it so much you will get others to sign up using your referral code and you can earn from their searches as well. And because they are so very kind and want more people to sign up for swagbucks they have offered a code to new members through June 11. Just give the code SUMMEROFSWAG (case sensitive) when you sign up and you will get an extra 20sb!

Just click on the link and get started today! So many of my friends who have signed up wish they would have done it a lot sooner. We spend time on the internet anyways we might as well be earning something while we do it!

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