Thursday, September 8, 2011


Since I have blogged last there have been so many changes in our lives. With the change in season we found out in January baby #3 was on its way. Funny how God just has things happen in his time. We tried forever for Ellie and quite awhile for Hadley so who would have guessed that after deciding we wanted to try for baby number 3 it would happen THE VERY FIRST MONTH!! We were shocked and very happy. We announced it to family and friends (and facebook) by asking lineman or cheerleader. How funny how some people got it and some people did not LOL
Anyway among all this Jess had made the decision to quit his job and start his own business. He leapt out of the starting gate very busy and was v ery successful. Then comes the big changes.
As we grow into adulthood we are faced with decisions that only we can make. You have to decide what is best for you, your spouse, and your children. Some decisions are hard to make and some are easy. On craigslist one day Jess found a job in LA that he decided to send his resume in on. we have always enjoyed CA. Well he was contacted back and asked to come in for an interview. So off he went and upon returning he was offered the job. We sat and talked and tossed around what was best for us. NOt our extended family, us. It was a very difficult decision but we decided that we had to do it. We could always return home if it didnt work out, if we hated living in CA or just to visit. Some paths you are only shown once and this just felt right (although very tough!).
Me being the chicken I am made Jess tell most of our family and friends. It was so difficult but we knew we were making the right choice when God kept having all the pieces just slide together. We have been here a few weeks now. it was not easy packing up our lives and moving 1600 miles away while being 35 weeks pregnant. I left my doctor whom I have the upmost respect for and had to pick a doctor out of the 1,000's listed in a ten mile radius. Upon coming I found out the baby is BIG, I have to follow a gestational diabetes diet (they say I have it I say I dont!), go to non stress test twice a week, weekly doctor appts, and the occasional diabetes training and ultrasounds. But we are here, I am going to deliver hopefully on my own at a beautiful and prestigious hospital that overlooks the ocean. The girls are happy and loving the beach and pool. Jess is liking his new job and all the opportunities this position will give him and soon we will have 3 great children that God has given us to raise and be good people.
Ill update more when I know more about baby number 3. We are hoping that the doctors are wrong and they wont be 10-12 lbs by delivery date and I can deliver without having a c section! Please keep the Mickles in your prayers as we live out of a few boxes til we can find a place to call home.


Whatz Up With Tessa said...

I'm proud of you and Jess for making the tough decision that you did. I "know" the internal struggles you are dealing with. But, nothing is more important than taking care of your family. Your kids are blessed. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to hear all about baby #3!! Take care of yourself and keep in touch. Love you!

Jennifer said...

Love you Sam! I've thinking about you guys a lot since your move. <3 :)