Thursday, February 16, 2012

riding a two wheeler

We have been talking about taking Ellie's training wheels off for awhile but we couldnt decide if she was really ready and we didnt want it to fail and her be scared to try later. She tends to not forget so a bad experience would stick with her. Well on February 4 Ellie decided it was time. She begged jess all day long to take the training wheels off her bike. So he told her if he took them off he was not putting them back on. Five minutes later she was riding it without training wheels! The next day she decided to show and teach the neighbor girl how too!
I will admit as I watched her ride away I thought of her as a baby and how big she has gotten. Made me cry and I know a few blinks and she will be driving a car and then off to college! Time is just flying.
*disclaimer she always seems to wear her bike helmet (even not riding a bike) but for some unknown reason we were all so excited we forgot that step. she now wears the helmet all the time :)

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