Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Signing Time

I just love this video. My aunt let us borrow it for Jayce and now Ellie and it has been a great thing in our house. Jayce is an old pro and can sign many things and seems to learn new signs all the time. It also has been very calming for Ellie when I have to get something done and if I try to do it she screams. I put on this video and bam instant attention grabber. She loves watching the babies make the signs and has signed more a few times and eat once. It is very educational. Ellie asked her aunt Sadie to buy Volume 2 for her birthday. Kelly also gave us the cds so we even rock out in the car to the songs. These are the pets I love is our favorite.
You know you are a mom when you thouroughly enjoy listening to the kids cds and sing along right with them! Fair warnign though, you will have the songs stuck in your head forever!

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