Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yeah Daddy!

Last Saturday we went to Jess' football game. He is playing for a semi pro team in Des Moines called the Iowa Lightning. He loves to play and we love to watch. Due to the flooding they are playing their games at Bondurant High School. Saturday was the season opener and we enjoyed watching the game with our friends and family. Thanks Sandy and Jon and of course Sydney! Ellie and Sydney had a great tiem sharing toys and I must admit Sydney thought I was hysterical! Who doesn't, right?!

The big news of the night for us was Jess scored a touchdown! For all that don't hear about it all the time, In high school Jess scored an 87 yard touchdown. We have it on video and he beams when we watch it. (I do too!) Well his team has one play where he goes frombeing the center to being the full back. they decided they were ahead by enough points that they would try it out. It worked. He ran for a 6 yard touchdown! It was exciting! They have a few wives who take pics at the games and they caught it on camera.

We are so proud of you Daddy!
and here is the final score!

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Sandy said...

We had a nice time at the game. Thanks for inviting us!