Tuesday, December 30, 2008

why do I live here?

Today I found myself wondering why I live here in Iowa. I mean I hate the heat and humidity and the summers here are horrible. I hate the cold and I sit here as the wind is blowing with 45mph gusts freezing in my own house wearing a hoodie and SOCKS (I hate socks) and covered up with a blanket. I mean seriously why does anyone live here. My alleriges are terrible anymore and the three days a year it is between extremes to open your windows all I do is sneeze so we still have to close up shop.

Today since stupid me has neglected our pantry and stomachs for well over 2 weeks I had to venture out to grocery shop. I was behind a snow plow on the polk city road and he must have accidently hit the button to release the blade because down it went and hit a block of ice snow and then proceeded to swerve all over the road and I so thought he was going to tip. It was scary. He pulls over and I go past thankful to get away from the overworked this season snow plower who obviously needs to learn to watch what the heck he is doing. We then get to Walmart and somehow spend THREE hours in there and walk out with $200 of groceries. We bundle up Ellie and I put my hood up on my hoodie, I did not bring in my wither coat since it was 35 at least and a winter coat would have jsut been too much. that in itself shows how stupid it is here in Iowa if we think we no longer need winter attire when we think 3 degrees above freezing is nice. We step out and I cannot even control the stinking cart. It was so windy and so bitter cold that just unloading groceries into the van was enough to take my breath away. We had to sit for almost fivwe minutes for me to get my breath back. The whole time I was asking myself why we live here. It really is not the place for us.

And now under my blanket in my house I reflect why I truly stay miserable in this place called Iowa. The Number 1 reason is my family. I have lived in one town my ENTIRE life and it would be so hard to leave. 99% of my family lives here in Iowa and at least 80% of them in my same small town. Although sometimes it would be nice to get away from it all, I would miss being able to walk to my sisters house, drive to see my mom, and miss out on all the family functions. I know as long as we stay here I have 20 people waiting in line to babysit, all of whom I can trust. If I ever need anything they are right there to swoop in to help, and I would miss them

I CANNOT imagine Ellie and the new baby not growing up to be a Madrid Tiger. I mean is there really any other school I would want my child going to? Could I honestly cheer for a different mascot? and we all know I do not colors that are not Black and Orange, plus what would I do with the 7 hoodies that proclaim my high school? It may seem stupid to some but I still am proud to have been a part of that and pride goes a long way.

And lastly another reason I am here and more than likely will always be is Iowa. After visiting many areas of this great nation I have come to realize that although I have to livein extreme hot and humid or cold and snowy, the people here are worth it. People just are friendly. Our crime rate is low, my children can ride their bikes without me worrying, it is safe to play outside, or up the street. And unlike California (sorry Cindy) our seasons change, the leaves change color, we have snow days, and mostly there is snow on Christmas. Although it is frustrating at times, there really is no place like home.


Merris McIntosh said...

You go Sam!! Despite the heat and humidity....cold and snow...HOME is in the heart and your heart is in IOWA. Family stands above everything else, as you well understand. Stay warm....Aunt Merris

Texan Devines said...

Sam....I know exactly where you are coming from. The cold was enough to about send us running back to Texas right away. But, like you said.....family makes it all worth it. I would move back there in a heartbeat if I had the chance. Still, it isn't an easy place to be right now. Hang in there and give some extra cuddles to Ellie! Great seeing you!