Tuesday, January 27, 2009

those with kids please tell me it gets better?!

First off I do not starve my child. She weighed in at 29.2 lbs yesterday! Here lately all she wants to do is eat eat eat! When I start cooking lunch or dinner she cries from the moment I start it til we set the plate in front of her. All the while screaming SSSSSNNNNNAAACCCKKKK!
I am at my wits end. there is absolutely no way she is that starving. She gets up about 7am and eats breakfast. 9am eats a snack with water, 11:15 lunch with milk, 2pm another snack with water, and I start dinner at five pm mostly done by 5:30pm or a little later and then you guessed it another snack at bedtime. she gets way enough food and is a very good eater but this in between meals and snacks is killing me and our pantry!
Please PLEASE tell me it gets better!! I want my patient child back!


Texan Devines said...

Sorry to say it, but this sounds totally normal to me. Sometimes we have two snacks before lunch. I will say that during growth spurts it does seem to be worse, but typically I feel like I am a non-stop feeding machine. Just another "joy" of parenthood. Good luch and give that little angel a hug from us! Love you!

Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

WOW, Skylar never eats for me like that. Consider yourself blessed. At Skylar's 18 month appt, he weighed 23.10 lbs, so I got a skinny munchkin, but he's tall. hah!! My little one is a picky eater, so he could skip meals and be content. I try to make him eat though. Just consider your self lucky. :)

Sandy said...

Sydney goes through spurts and when she was sick barely ate anything. Now that she is better, she is eating a ton. From 8-9:30 she ate 1 1/2 pancakes, 1/2 banana, a container of yogurt, milk, & water. I think she found a couple crackers that she hid & ate those, too!. Plus she's started pointing at her mouth telling me she's hungry again!! She barely weighs 20 lbs! I don't know where she puts it!