Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's a.............

surprise still! We went to our Big Ultrasound yesterday morning and the us tech was great at not slipping (although Jess swears she slipped once and said he, I however did not hear it!). she knew we did not want to know so she said only she knows and did not even put it on my chart that way no one can slip up either! I am so excited that come July that Jess will be able to share that big news! How special it will be!

the baby was growing perfectly and was measuring to the due date. The head seemed smaller than ellies did at that point but the tecch looked at ellies and said they were measuring identical and that at my 35 week us with ellie her head was measuring 3 weeks ahead! So I am not out of the woods for another big headed baby. Stupid but I worry about this! LOL. the baby was 10 oz and 8 in long. He/She loved having their arm up by their head and several times we saw the hand move and we could count each finger. it was so neat and so amazing how perfect they are yet so small. I am almost halfway done and it seems to just be flying by!

we have pics but Jess has not hooked up our scanner nor has he reloaded it on our desktop so I might take a pic of the pics later but until then I wont be able to share :(

One last thing is we got a dvd of the us and in great fashion the tech did not record the parts from the beginning where it could have been investigated to see the sex. Much to my moms dismay there is not one screen that shows a shot where you could tell!


Texan Devines said...

What a tease!! But, good for you. It will be such a nice surprise during the delivery and I didn't even think about Jess getting to be the bearer of the news. How neat! Take care and thanks for sharing your wonderful news on the development of your new little one. Love you!

Sandy said...

Yay! Sounds like the pregnancy is going great. We had so much fun keeping Sydney's name a secret, that I think going team green would be even more fun.

Take care!