Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just some recent pics of us!

Not a whole lot to blog about so I thought I would share some pics. We had a beautiful tuesday last week and we were finally able to soak up the sunshine on the deck. Ellie and Jayce loved it. I had been wanting to get some good pics and the sunlight it what I needed. here are a few pics

this one was actually taken a few weeks ago. she is wearing daddy's new hat and loved it!

Maggie was chasing her across the deck

I cant believe how big she is getting

She thought she was big sitting and "stealing" mommy's chair

I love this one. Her hair looks so long and super thick. and no we did not cut her hair the shorter hair is just new hair. I am too scared to cut it!


Sandy said...

She is absolutely adorable, Sam. I especially adore the first & last pic. Such a sweetie!!

Texan Devines said...

OMG!!! She is sooooo adorable! I wish I could just pick her up and squeeze her! Hope you are feeling well. Big hugs to you all!

Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

We got 6 to 7 inches. I think our house had 7 though. :) It melted a lot through out the day already. Ellie is so beautiful! Her eyes are gorgeous!