Monday, April 20, 2009


Well our very good friends Marshall and Lisa had baby #2 today and I am more than happy to announce Ellie finally has a baby girl to play with! Mallory Jean entered into our wonderful world at 2:05am weighing in at 8lbs 1oz. She is so small, you just forget how small they are at first.

On to my honesty story. Since Jess and I wanted to go see Miss Mallory, I asked Sadie to take Ellie for a few hours. She more than happily agreed. Well I watch Jayce almost daily and here lately him and ellie fight like brother and sister. they want the same toys, same book , and to both sit not just on my lap at the same time but think they actually need the same leg and with my belly there is not much room anymore!

We went and cuddled and kissed on our new "niece" and then went and picked Ellie up. As I was getting her ready for bed tonight I asked her if she went to Sadies today and she said yes. I asked her what she did there and she said "hit". I asked who hit and she replied "I hit". I then asked who she hit and she said "I hit Jayce". UGH! I then went on to say it hurts when we hit others and we dont hit, it is not nice. Ellie tells me "hit naughty". Ok she gets it. I put her to bed and I call Sadie and ask "did ellie hit Jayce today?" "Um yeah why?" I then told her, "well she told me she did. did you put her in time out?"

and what is Sadie's reply...............

"No! I can't put her in time out! I would feel bad!" To this I responded, "Jayce goes to timeout here." Her answer, "Thats different!"

Oh Ellie has everyone wrapped around her finger! But hey at least she was honest!

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Texan Devines said...

I LOVED this story. I'm impressed that she is able to hold her own with all those boys! What a sweetheart!