Friday, August 21, 2009


everyone is always saying that hadley looks so much like ellie that they could be twins. I can see similarities but I think they look so different. these two picture are both taken in aug. The top is this year of Hadley and the bottom is Ellie is 2007. What do you think?

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Texan Devines said...

People always said that about my girls too and I felt the same way. Similarities, but lots of differences too. It takes a parent's eye to see the uniqueness. I bet you'll be surprised though when you look back at baby pictures years down the road. I often have to really study the pics or look at scenery to figure out who it is. I think your girls definately look like sisters and a lot alike, but I can also tell them apart fairly easily. Either way, they are so stinkin' cute!!! Hope all is going well being a mother of two now. My love to you all!