Monday, August 31, 2009

Mom is Fifty!

Saturday my mom had a party for her fiftieth bday. All five of us kids got together and bought her a new grill. While we were at teh football game on Friday night Steve set it up and hid it in the barn. Saturday afternoon we all went out and while Sadie distracted my mom in the garage while theboys loaded it up in the back of the truck and hurried it across the yard and on the deck. After passing it a few times and all of us trying to get her to look at it she noticed it and this is her expression

and her checking it out!and all of us (minus Nick)

her party was great and tons of people came. Here is my mom, Kelly, and Brad. They all are older than their parents were when they passed away. WE consider that a huge blessing!

My mom and a few of her friends!

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