Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shrine Bowl

My brother Louie was selected to play in the Shrine Bowl this year. This is a great honor as it is an all star game for high school senior football players. And becasue he is the "baby" of the family we went all out and made shirts, tailgated and all that goes with it.
I was disappointed that the coach would choose him to be on defense hoping he would intercept the ball and the other team did not pass theentire time louie was in. So he had 3 big hits for losses and then they NEVER ran to his side again. You would think the leading rusher in the state of Iowa in class A would get to play running back but whatever! Even though his team lost we are proud of him.
He is now off to college at Grand View and will play football this fall. I am excited to watch him in a new stage of his life but sad he will no longer be a Madrid Tiger. Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of him of him with every accomplishment he has received. And I am looking forward to all of the future accomplishments :)

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