Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Jess's football team made the National Championship Game in Oklahoma on July 31st. We packed up the van, picked up Tanner, and headed to Tulsa. The girls did awesome on the 8 hour trip. No crying from either one and Ellie had no accidents!

We arrived in Tulsa about 8 pm and it was 100 degrees! We quickly checked into our hotel which was a very crappy hotel. Our air barely worked and one of our beds was leaning. But we were tired and the rest of the team had yet to arrive.

Although we were hoping for a great game, Jess unfortunately ended his semi pro career the same way he ended his high school career. They lost 52-10. We have met great friends through his days of playin g football and I am so glad he decided to do this but I must admit I am more than happy that this part of our life is over. it took so much time and we had NO time for any family time. He had practice 2-4 days a week and then the games pretty much took up most of the weekends.

I look forward to all the things we will be able to do next summer, including watching the team with him sitting next to me :)

Pictures to come

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