Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ellie's Party

The flip flop cupcakes and ellies smash cakeThis is as good as it got. So much for being a smash cake. She just tore off little bites and hardly had a speck of frosting on her face. Oh Well
Riding the dolphin on the baby pool yard
running through the slip and slide
The minute everyone left she passed out. Notice only one pigtail is left. LOL. She also took off her swim top.

Nothing like bringing in her birthday in style. It turned out so good! I was so scared teh rain would come and how we were going to fit that many people in our house, but I did not stress over it and the rain stayed away!

We had a flip flop theme and played with water toys. All the kids had fun and so did Ellie. She was walking around playing with everything. Even the slip and slide. It is so hard to believe our "baby" is one!

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