Thursday, July 31, 2008

update on ellies kidneys

In Feb Ellie was hospitalized with a UTI and after testing we found out she has bilateral stage III Vesicoureteral Reflux, which basically means she is prone to get utis becasue the urine goes back up the tubes to her kidneys before being released from her bladder. She had an utrasound in the hospital in Feb to check her kidney size and shape. She had a repeat ultrasound in June taht showed her kidneys were borderrline too small so they wanted to do another ultrasound last Friday. We did it and her kidneys have not grown at all. Now she has to have a nuclear scan to see if her kidneys are damaged from the infection in Feb. I am worried they are not growing and I cannot find much info on the net about kidney damage and what the size is supposed to be. I worry the worst that her kidneys won't grow and they will fai. I could be way wrong in my assumptions, but you just dont ever want anything to be wrong with your baby. I think the number 1 job being a mom is worrying.

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