Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One year ago today...

I was pulling weeds at my house and decided to go out to my mom's house. Jess had football practice so Lindsey came to pick me up and we headed out there to help my mom put ringtones on her phone. LOL! Well my mom was talking to her friend Rhonda about it so she decided to have us help her too. She called her phone company to set p picture messaging and she told me what they said to do. I sat on the front steps with her and I felt a bubble in my stomach and then felt a very warm sensation shooting out my pant leg. I immediately started laughing and Rhonda started shouting its ok. (I think she was trying to calm herself downcause I was fine). She then yelled to my mom that my water had broke. My mom being my mom asked what water! LOL. I just remember laughing hysterically because I had begged for my water to break so I would know it was time for sure. I called Jess and left a message still laughing saying that my water had just broke and even though I was laughing I was not joking it was for real. I then sent a text to see if he would get that first. I then called my Inlaws to have his aunt go to where he was practicing and track him down. We decided to head to my house to get my stuff and wait to hear from Jess.
He finally called and said he would meet us at the hospital. He got there about 10 minutes after me and was supposed to have a 20 minute longer drive! He was excited and so was I. They admitted me even though the test said that my water did not fully break (it did the test was wrong). Eleven Hours and Fifty five minutes after my water broke (and 2 1/2 hours of pushing) our lives changed forever. Elyse Kayelynn was born weighing 7lbs 6 oz and 20 in long. She was so beautiful!
It is hard to believe that she was born one year ago tomorrow. So many memories and so many fun times since then. How were we so blessed to have such an awesome miracle in our lives. There is nothing on earth you can better experience than watching your child grow. Ill post pics tom of her growing throughout the past year.

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