Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ellie's 1st day of Preschool

Yesterday Ellie started preschool. She is in the Mon & Wed Am class. Both Jayce and Thomas are in her class as well so I am a little nervous that she wont make new friends. I was hoping she could make some girlfriends as well but she is one of 4 girls. :) But nonetheless she should make some great friends (outside of the people we already know)Jess took the day off work and we packed up the van and headed to Tiger Tots. she was more than eager to get there. She found her hook right away and hung up her bag and coat. went it an found her name and put her girl on the train. The picture is of Thomas but you can see Ellies name right next to Jayces.
My big girl walked right to the circle time rug and never looked back. I did get a kiss in and a good luck but Jess did not. We didnt want to push it because she did so good so we just turned around and walked away. This is where I have to admit that although I did not cry I was very nervous. I have never left Ellie (or Hadley) with anyone besides family or very close family friends. We tried to have a baby for so long that I have been so over protective of them. And with a family as big as ours you dont have to rely on outsiders help as much!
I went to pick her up and I was glad to see they were out on the playground. Ellie has been wanting to play there since they put it in. The picture shows her class marching to the gate to go home. She is the 3rd one back. Right by Jayce once again. :)
She came running to me with a big smile on her face. she said she had so much fun! I asked her if she cried and she said she bumped her head once and cried but that was the only time. She made a straw necklace that she gave to me (and then later took back, LOL) and used scissors and cut a picture. She told me they had goldfish whales (I think it is cute that she 1-noticed they were the generic goldfish from walmart that are in the shape of whales and 2-she knew they were supposed to be like goldfish.) and juice.
Although I am a little sad she is growing all too fast I am looking forward to seeing her blossom to a much more independant preschooler. She loves LOVES learning and I just know she is going to love school.

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