Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trike A Thon

Last week Ellie participated in the St. Judes Trike A Thon with her preschool class. We (I) set a goal of $35 to be raised so she could get the t-shirt. I sat Ellie down on my lap and we found St. Judes website and I explained to her how this hospital takes care of sick children and uses money to help them. I told her when she did the trike a thon that she was raising money to help those kids and the hospital that takes care of them. We asked our Family and friends to donate and support Ellie and boy did they ever. Ellie raised $175.00 for St. Judes Hospital. After it was over and I asked her if she had fun she told me I loved helping those kids to feel better. What can we do now to help others.
I am so thankful that she has a kind and caring heart (even if she likes to pick on her sister). I am researching more ways Ellie can help St. Judes and other charities in our area. I would love to foster the art of giving in her so she loves it as much as I do.

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AussieMum said...

That's wonderful!! The Tri-Delta sorority supports St. Judes, in college we did quite a few events with that sorority to raise's an amazing organization!