Monday, February 22, 2010


I was doing good but those weekends are hard on me. My weekends are crazy with work thrown in and Jess has started the girls practice so there is not a whole lot of extra time and when there is I like to spend it with my 2 great kids and my wonderful husband.

Saturday was very nice around here. I played with the girls all morning, they both napped (which is a very rare occurance with ellie anymore) and I worked on my farm. Everybody needs their thing and since scrapbooking is my thing of choice and quite frankly I one cant see my table and two dont have a big enough block of time to do it, I have taken up farming on farmville. :) Laugh all you want it keeps me sane, gives me something to look forward to and makes me manage my time better. I have even started Jess a farm. I often get the eyeroll from Jess but this weekend he was off and on the computer a lot. I finally said what are you doing and he has found a castle game. I laughed and rolled my eyes and said farm or castle there is no difference! I think the eyerolling about my farm will stop :)

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