Wednesday, February 17, 2010

well hello!

It has been forever since I have blogged. I dont know what my deal is but I just seem to be dreading it. I love to have documentation though so I have decided that I am goign to try to blog everyday during Lent to get back into the habit. I know the girls will enjoy looking back on these memories and I will too so here it goes
So much has happened in the months since I have blogged last so a very quick picture catch up with very vague descriptions.

In October we decided to head west to California because ticket prices were just so cheap. We spent $39 each way for 3 of us, stayed with my cousin Cindy and just hung out. We had a great time and it was nice to just get away! while we were there we took family pictures on the beach. they turned out great and here is a quick shot

Upon returning our Hadley Jean was baptized into our Church. Her godparents are our friends Jon and Christina Weber.

Louie and the rest of the Madrid Tigers made it to the dome again to the state semifinal game. Unfortunately they lost but we have loved watching Louie play all these years and he has now signed to play for the Grandview Vikings next year. We (I) am an incredibly proud big sister!

Hadley had a matching outfit as well :) they also used these as their Halloween costumes

On Thanksgiving my sister Sadie announced she is having another baby. We announced with both girls that we were expecting at Thanksgiving so it was kind of neat to continue that tradition although I will admit I am very thnakful that is was not me who was pregnant this time! (I dont have a pic for this)

We had a great first Christmas with our Haddie. The girls got tons of presents and despite the weather we made it to all of our family functions. I love holidays and spending time with our families!

In January we welcomed another nephew into our family. Corbin Joel Furness came out a boy much to Maggie and I's surprise! We just knew he was a girl but I guess we thought Hadley was a boy too so it shows how good we are at the guessing game ;) The girls love him and Hadley is very interested in his binkie! We have now gotten to babysit 2 times and we love having him around! This Valentines Day Nick proposed to Maggie and now we are looking forward to a wedding!

And lastly we have adopted a new dog into our life. I have been wanting a dog since we lost Blue but with kids I was not looking forward to potty training one. Someone we know was getting rid of their dog because their cat was not to happy about sharing the space with a dog. We went and picked up Maggie changed her name to Maddie and welcomed her into our home and hearts. She is a great dog, loves the kids, and is 100% potty trained! The chunky monkey is the picture is quite cute as well. I wonder who her mom is! :)

And because I now have a 7 month old and a 2 1/2 year old and they are so stinkin cute here is a recent pic :)


Christina said...

I love that your blogging again!!! I hope you write everyday....because it feels like we get to talk with our busy days....even though we really aren't just feels like we are!!!!

Texan Devines said...

I was so excited to see a post from you. I have missed them!!! The girls are so stinkin' cute!!! That last pic of Hadley with Maddie is the cutest thing I have EVER seen! I just want to grab those little cheecks and kiss them! Hope you are surviving that horrible Iowa winter. Keep up the blogging. Hugs!!!