Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful continued

15- I am thankful for being so close to most of my family. I can count the number of times I have ever had someone watch the girls that was not a part of my family (or Lindsey). I love seeing my girls love them as much as I do!

16- I am thankful for my inlaws. No matter the differences we might have they love me as if I was their daughter and they raised the most wonderful husband. They love my girls and are patient when the girls dont warm up right away.

17- See next post

18- I am thankful for football. Once again, I know pathetic, but it is so much a part of our lives that I honestly dont know what we would do without it. (NO Blaze readers that does not mean Jess is playing next year! He can be a fan :) )

19- I am thankful for fall. The weather has been beautiful and watching the change of seasons is one of my favorite things. I welcome it each year and the jeans and hoodie weather is the best. And when I have to say goodbye and wear my winter coat and hats and mittens I know that it will be back next year :)

20-I am thankful for my education. I dont think you appreciate all the teachers you had until you grow up and are trying to teach your children. They put so much love into what they do and I am thankful that they cared enough to give me an education I am proud of.

21- I am thankful for my grandparents who are still alive. and I am thankful for each new day I get to spend with them. I know we do not see you enough and we need to make them a priority because you just cant get those days back!

22-I am thankful for choclate because some days it just makes me feel so much better :)

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