Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts on raising kids

I have been thinking a lot lately on how I want to raise my kids. there are things Jess and I know we want to do and things we know we dont want to do. But some things have been coming up that have really got me thinking.

First ever since Ellie did the trike a thon I have been thinking that we need to find more ways to help others around us. I want her to grow up not only knowing it is our duty as Christians to help those in need but to actually have experience doing it. I want it to come naturally to her and not to ever feel like it is a chore to be done.

Secondly I want her to help on her own accord. I recently put together a lesson on Advent for our kids at church and found some great articles on having kids help those in need. Among the great ideas I read that it is important to teach kids that although it is great for parents to take their kids shopping to buy that toys for tots, it would mean even more if the kids had to use thier own money. Sacraficing for others is not always an easy accompl;ishment especially to kids but if you really think about it what a great lesson on teaching them to share with others what they themselves have.

So here is my plan for this holiday season:
Get Chris's address in Afghanistan and take Ellie shopping and use ten dollars of her money as well as some money of ours and buy goodies for his unit. Lesson I am hoping to teach that their are people (like uncle Chris) who are overseas who are helping to keep America free so we may do what we want here. Yes I know she is three but she will get it. she still talks about the helicopters we saw flying over our house as they were leaving for war.

Take her shopping to pick out a toy for toys for tots. Lesson- There are lots of little girls and boys who dont get Toys for christmas and we can help them so they can have something to open on Christmas too.

Make ornaments for the priests in our life. for father Brian who married us and baptized Ellie, For Fr. Tim who baptized Hadley, and for our new Priest Fr Jim. Lesson- to be thankful for them in sharing our faith and to let them know we appreciate what they have done for our family

And an idea a parent from church gave me that I just love. she makes/buys small ornaments and wraps them and puts them in her purse. When they see a salvation army bell ringer not only do they drop change in the bucket she hands them a small ornament thanking them for the time they have given to help spread the Christmas message of love. Lesson- Both of us will learn to take the time to appreciate the little things people do that almost always get overlooked. LOVE IT!

Any other ideas you have? I would love to hear them :)


Christina said...

Thanks for sharing especially to those of us that don't have our children yet!
after taking the dave Ramsey class they had a class on raising kids to save, give, and spend......i found this piggy bank that is split into those teach them when they get money for doing something or split the money evenly so they see where the money is going :)
I think that it's awesome you are starting now because they say kids are thee most giving, so starting early will really help in their future!

AussieMum said...

Similar to toys for tots but we do Operation Christmas Child...Kaitlyn picked out everything for the box this year. We went to the store soley for the box and talked the whole trip about how some kids don't have as much as we do so we're helping them through Christ.